Monday, October 12, 2009

My No Name (Yet) Book - Chapter 1

ok, this is the start of my book, if you dont understand, in other chapters they explain more but so far im on chapter 3, and i have more ideas going through my head. I do have to say that the names are not becasue i like anyone better than others they are just common and i could not think while creating them ... so please be read and tell me what you think.

Chapter 1

“Hey Morgan, I didn’t think you were home yet, I thought you were still in Utah at the MTC getting your brother.” I love Morgan but, man she can talk forever! I always try to avoid her calls when I see that it’s her, but of course the caller ID is broken.
“No, Elizabeth we got back earlier today. And guess what!!” I had to hold the phone away from my ear, I don’t want to brake my eardrums.
“No, I don’t what?”
“Robert is so different; he is nicer to me crazy huh? That’s a real change. And guess who he keeps asking about????” Ok Liz keeps your sigh quiet so she can’t hear you.
“YOU!! I didn’t know you wrote him while he was gone.” Ok so I wrote him, I also wrote all the other missionaries from my ward, no big deal.
“Yeah I wrote him, and why is that so different from me writing all the other missionaries in the ward, I don’t think it’s that big of a deal.” Oh man I hopes, no I prayed that she would not make a big deal out of this.
“Really, why didn’t you tell me, I would have talked to him about it, oh wait here he comes, hold on,” Please, please don’t want to talk to me please! “Elizabeth he wants to talk to you.”
“Hmmm, ok” GREAT!
Ok, I’m normal, I think. So why do I, a teenage girl, not want to talk to a GUY on the phone? I know why, I don’t want to date right now. Yeah I know ooo, ahhh, a RM yay, but not for me. Why??? All of my letters were very formal, and I just wanted to ask how things were going and for missionary experiences.
“Elizabeth Hendrix?”
“Oh, Hi how are?”
“I’m good, how are you, happy to be home?”
“Yeah, I can’t believe that I am home, its kind a crazy being away for a long time and then come back and everything is the same. It’s like there was no change at all, but then again everything is so different.”
From what I remember about Robert Bay, he was very popular all around; everyone knew who he was at school anyway. But at church it was way worse, he was a peter priesthood, he could do no wrong. So why was he talking to me??
“Well it’s good to hear that, I just hope all the changes are good ones.” I know this is sad but I really don’t care, and I don’t want to be rude. I’m just trying to make small talk.
“Oh, the changes they are good, I just…. Never mind, hmmm I was wondering what you’re doing this Friday?” WHAT!!!!
“Hmmm, I don’t have any plans, but I think there might be a football game at my school.”
“Well do you want to do something?”
WHAT!!! That was a big surprise, why would he want to go out on a date with me, he has not even been home for a few hours, man, is he in a rush. Well I can’t be mean.
“Sure, I think that would be a lot of fun.” I hope so, I don’t know how to say no, at least he asked.
“Sweet, I will come by and get you around 6, is that ok?”
“Yeah, I can’t wait, I have to go now, I have homework, sorry.”
“No that’s cool, see you then, Bye.”
“Bye.” This is what I did not want to happen, and now it did, my life always works out that way.
My life is a good one, I’m not complaining, but being born the first girl out of 6 and being a twin you can have some mental melt downs. I love my family and my twin J.P., I know it’s bad that he needs me more than I need him because he is Deaf, but at church and school he is always around because I can talk to him and tell him what it going on, and I love it, but sometimes I want some me time. At home I get, on the few rare occasions when hardly anyone not home, like now.
I love this time. I get to relax well that’s what I was doing before Morgan called. Now I get to stress. That what I do best, my brother has even joked that he wants to change my sign name to have something to do with worrying all the time. But he loves me too much to do so. I don’t even know why I’m stressed, this is kind of a good thing right, a guy wants to go out with me, so what if he is a return missionary, some girls would view that as a bonus. But not this girl. Elizabeth Catherine Hendrix is not boy crazy at this time, I think.
I just heard a car go into the garage, I wonder if it’s mom or dad. I kind of hope its dad he won’t ask questions. Mom on the other hand I think is trying to live out her high school days again with me, she was only 17 when she got married to my dad and yes he was a RM too, I try not think of the age difference but it’s funny, my dad 22 and my mom 17 getting married, This is why my parents won’t abject to my date with Robert because it’s what they did.
“Liz, are you home?” My dad was the only one besides myself to call my Liz or Lizzy. But he is the one who likes to shorten all of his children’s names.
“Oh hi dad your home kind of early; anything special going on tonight? And you will never guess who called.” I think my dad won’t give me the hardest time about the date so I thought it would be best if I tell him first, also to get it off my chest.
“Nothing special, I just want to help your mother with dinner tonight. Who called, hmmm, was it a boy, no I know a Return Missionary who just got home early this afternoon.”
“Dad, you surprise me, how did you know?” Really how it’s not normal for my dad to know things before my mom in this house hold.
“Robert came by my office today, to see if there was any possibility if there was a job for him there before he goes to school. And of course I knew what it’s like not wanting to sit around waiting for a new semester to start, and I do need a new assistant, I thought he would be a good choice. And then he kind of hinted that he would like to get to know you more and I told him you would be home from school by then and he was happy with the news I gave him.” So now Robert is going to be working for my dad, there is no way I could try to blow off this date now. Great, I’m also going to be seeing him a lot more as well. Swell dad just swell, maybe I want to talk to mom about this first now.
“Well once again dad you surprise me dad. This sounds like something mom would do. I don’t know how I feel about this.” This is true this seems like my mother’s thought process and not my fathers, my mom wants me to be going out on dates almost every Friday night, and my dad could care less, this seems really out of character for him.
“So what did he say, you said he called.” How this is another first, my dads acting like a little teenage girl wanting to hear all the gossip.
“He asked me out for this Friday and I told him I would go, I just hope that J.P. does not want to go to the football game.” But then again I did it would be a good excuse for me to get out of my date, but it’s not right to use excuses, so why should I start now.
“Well if JP wants to go to the game I will take him then, sometimes it feels like I don’t spend enough time with him I think it would be good for us.” JP being deaf has been the hardest for my dad, but he tries his best to do what he can, be was the one who took most of the ASL classes when we were little and even went to school for it. My mom did too while we were little and now she is an interpreter. But it’s still hard for my dad because he does not understand everything that JP is going through.
“I think JP will like that, and maybe with you there who likes football it might be even better, I really hate football.” I laughed through the last part because everyone in our household knew this but they also know how much I love JP and that’s why I go with him.
“Well I’m going to get dinner started why don’t you go see what JP is up to and that I want to talk to him.” I well go willingly only because I know that dad is going to tell him and he will like it a lot.
“OK dad.” And with that I left.
Its not really hard to find JP, he is usually in his room reading, in school he tells me that it is easier for him to understand his classes a lot better if he goes over them the night before. I always feel bad about this, I get straight A’s without really even trying and JP has to struggle to even understand what is going on in all of his classes. For the longest time we tried to get all the same classes so I could help him with all the work but, last year the teachers wanted me to sign up for all of the AP classes, that was a hard decision to make, but I need the challenge so I took it.
JP was sitting at his desk with his back to me. I walked into his room and flickered on the lights so he knew I was there. He turned around, he knew it was important because I knew that he likes to get his work done early, I signed what class you working. He responded I English work. His worst subject, only because he loves ASL and does not understand all of the rules for English and why they are there when it is so much easier in ASL to get the point across. I signed back oh-I-see help need you. He told me No fine I. I told him, OK dad summon you he want talk you kitchen he go you finish work happy news he have. He made a face like any news from dad was never good, and then he told me ok.
With that I left, JP did not need my help and dad does not need my help with dinner. This was a change for me. I was thinking earlier that I needed to write my older brother Jeff who is on a mission in Ireland. The lucky duck, when he first got his papers I was so mad at him, but now I’m happy because when I go there someday I’m taking him with me and I will have someone who understands Gallic and the different accents. But as I think about it, I wrote him last week and I really don’t have anything to tell him, except that I now have a date with a really good friend of his but I don’t want to tell him until I actually have my date. Now what do I do.
I could go read, I love to read, but what is there to read that I have that I have not already read more than three times. This is always hard for me to decide, but today I’ve been feeling romance and of the cheesiest kind. So I think I’m going to go read twilight, that was an easy read for me, I can read all four books in about a week once I start reading them. And if I was going to marry anyone at this time it would be either Edward Cullen or Jacob Black, I can never decide which team I’m on.
As I settled down to start with twilight I heard that my mother was home, well either I can keep reading or I can go welcome her and my other brothers and sisters, I think I will keep reading only because I don’t want to talk about my date that I have in two days. Wow that’s scary to think about. Then I just remembered that yes it’s Wednesday and that means I have Young Women’s. And that also means that I get to talk to Morgan, or maybe she won’t come and stay home with her brother, I could only hope.

This and That

Ok, so life has been good, but i could always use more sleep, but so could everyone else.

This last weekend, I went home to see my family and to help Wendy Menlove with a Supper Saturday. I had a lot of fun speneding time with my mom, we had fun going shopping and just being together. The shopping was nice becasue I got a new outfit... the shoes are my fav. But I look really nice in this outfit so im going to wear it to job interviews. Then I went to the movies with both my parents which was nice. We went and saw "Couples Retreat" it was a funny movie but some parts will hunt me for life... you see a fat black mans butt, it was so so so gross, but all the rest of the movie was funny. Then trying to get home was kind of a hassel. I love snow but i hate driving in it. And of corse it was not snow this weekend it was Ice!!! So this means i got to go to my home ward, not that much fun, sorry mom i dont like being wallflowers.

School is awesome! This week will not be that much fun becasue I have a lot of mid terms, which i have been studying for non stop it seems like.

The job hunt is not going very well, to every where i've applied, i only have one job interview and it not for another 2 weeks. If anyone feels like praying for me... this would help a lot!

I still love church, but becasue of conference and being home, i have not been able to go for awhile, this makes me sad ;(.

I've started writing a book which i think i'm going to post so i can get some sort of feed back, but it should be for wornded that it is a cheesey teenage romance book. look for it in the next post... after this one.

To the few who read my posts, i will try to write more offten.


Wednesday, August 12, 2009

I love my NEW Ward!!!

So now i live down in colorado springs with my aunt sandie, i love it there, its good not to be home. well so last sunday i went to my new ward, the Pikes Peak Student ward and i LOVE LOVE it!! there are over 200 students, and lets just say there are a lot of wholesome guys i saw and sat by :)
i also feel so welcome, like people really want me there.
this up comming week end there is a conference for the YSA wards in my stake.... this means my first YsA dance yay im so so happy i cant wait to go :) :) :)

Saturday, June 13, 2009


Everyone has one... so i figure its time to conform to the norm of having one of these here goes :)

Hello im Catherine Marie Longan. I just graduated from University High School. Im moving to Colorado Springs for college very soon. At the moment Im living at home with my sis and her family as well as my parents. It seems like all i do is work work work, and work some more. While Im at home i spend most of my time in my room watching movies or reading my fav romance books. I love to swing dance... I will most likely marry someone who can swing dance. At this moment Im not dating anyone, but I hope that changes soon becasue I've never had a boyfriend before, I know and Im only 18 almost 19 its scary. But thats whats one my mind most of the time is boys... cant live with them and cant live without them.